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Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions (“Common Terms of Use”) carefully, before using any of Our Websites.

1. Definitions.

"Website" means the current website and includes the entirety of the Smart Monky Public Site.

"Smart Monky Public Site" means that portion of the Website that is generally available for use by any person who by accessing the Website agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions.

2. Changes to Terms and Conditions

Smart Monky may change the above said terms and conditions at any time. You need to check them each time you visit the website. Be aware that you are also bound to the changes made to the terms and conditions

3 .Data Protection

Personal data that you give through our website will be used according to our privacy policy. Please read it carefully

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions or complaints about our website, please contact us.

5. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Smart Monky depends on this Cancellation and Refund Policy to assure your satisfaction. In some situations, you may not be satisfied with our services for reasons that are beyond our control. Under such circumstances, we may process a refund or cancellation under the following conditions.

6. Data Security

We take reasonable steps to protect the personal data we hold from misuse, interference or loss, and from unauthorized access, modification and disclosure.

7. Data Storage and Transfer

Smart Monky stores your personal data on servers located in numerous countries. When you visit our site you are agreeing to the transfer of data from the country you are in to Smart Monky’s sites across the world.

8. Website Changes/Updates.

Smart Monky reserves the right, in Smart Monky sole discretion, to change the Smart Monky Website and its content for any lawful purpose, including changes to enhance or correct any inaccuracies contained on it. Smart Monky also reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy, without prior notice.


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